Goals and Objectives

1.  To promote gymnastics and its benefits by raising the funds necessary to do so and spending those funds raised to achieve the goals and objectives of the foundation.
2.  To provide ongoing support for development, improvement  and support of  gymnastics training mainly along the Namibian coast, but also countrywide, when possible.
3.  To provide and maintain a proper and permanent gymnastics training facility, inclusive of a hall and the equipment necessary to do so.
4.  To provide funding and support for underprivileged children for
a.  Transport from outlying areas to the facility,
b.  General gymnastics training, including where necessary gymnastics    clothing and competition costs,
c. School fees, and other sundries as they arise, and
d. High level training of gymnasts with potential.
5.  To establish and maintain links to national and international gymnastics and sports related bodies pursuing similar goals and objectives of the trust.