Benefits of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is one of the most challenging sports for children. It requires tremendous skill, concentration, strength, and perseverance, plus it has a high potential for injury, yet the benefits of gymnastics far outweigh the risks.  First and foremost, gymnastics is fun, and caters to all age groups and genders, but there are a number of benefits, some obvious, some not, which gymnastics can give to any child enrolled:

¨      Gymnastics promotes fitness – this includes body and muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance and agility thereby helping the child stay healthy and at the same time, able to apply these skills to other sports as well.
¨      Gymnastics teaches discipline and hard work – because it is a difficult sport on the higher level, it requires dedication and a strong work ethic.  And when they achieve their goals, they see an immediate pay off.
¨      Gymnastics helps overcome fears – while it’s true that certain gymnastics events, like the balance beam and the high bar, can be scary for children, gymnastics classes help kids deal with and overcome fear through careful training and spotting, a gradual progression of skills, and a supportive environment.
¨      Gymnastics builds self confidence and determination – as the children learn new skills and tricks in gymnastics, they gain more confidence and more determination to build on those accomplishments.  Gymnastics is a sport that can help kids feel good about themselves in all aspects of their lives, including school and family life.
¨      Other Benefits of Gymnastics – includes coordination, balance, flexibility, creativity, grace, leadership, socialization, and body awareness.

The benefits of gymnastics remain with the child throughout their lives.  With so much to gain, it’s no surprise that gymnastics classes are more popular today than ever.